Hazardous Waste

Curtis Bay has expert knowledge of all hazardous waste guidelines as mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency. We are available to assist you in customizing a hazardous waste program to meet your needs.

The following is a summary of the steps that are typically
 implemented to safely manage your hazardous waste:

    - Characterization of waste

    - Identify hazardous materials (hazardous waste determinations/profiles)

    - Waste collection and segregation of RCRA Hazardous materials into approved
    RCRA Hazardous Containers by using profiles

    - Waste collection and segregation non-hazardous materials into shipping
    containers by using profiles

    - Preparation of shipping material is placed in appropriate DOT shipping
    container by using profiles

    - Transportation and Incineration RCRA Hazardous material to permitted facilities/incinerators

    - Transportation Non-Hazardous to permitted facilities

    - Comply with DOT regulations for transportation (hazardous permitted transporter)

    - Comply with EPA regulations for disposal (hazardous permitted TSD facility)

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