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Sharps Management

Medical Sharps Disposal & Management

Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services provides healthcare providers with a safe and environmentally sustainable approach to sharps disposal & management.  Curtis Bay offers both disposable sharps containers and reusable sharps containers. 

For larger facilities, Curtis Bay's reusable sharps container program can reduce your cost and lower your carbon footprint, while improving safety.  The Curtis Bay reusable sharps container program can be full-service or dock side service, based on your requirements within your facility.

Reusable Sharps Container Cost Benefits:

  • Reduction in purchasing cost for new containers.
  • Diversion of container waste from disposal processing fees.
  • Reduction in workers comp insurance costs associated with staff handling of sharps.

Reusable Sharps Container Safety Benefits:

  • Reduction in needle sticks occurrences.
  • Reduction in staff handling of sharps containers.
  • Reusable containers are twice as thick as disposable containers.
  • Semi-annual waste reduction and sharps management training conducted.

Reusable Sharps Container Environmental Impacts:

  • Reduction in waste generated volume.
  • Reuse of the containers is the highest form of recycling.
  • Helps satisfy AHA and EPA waste reduction MOU.

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Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services has recovered and sanitized over 1 million reusable sharps containers.  Reusable sharps containers are placed in permanent wall mounted vaults located throughout the facility.  When full, they are removed and transferred to central storage locations by staff.  Curtis Bay personnel will do change-outs at each generating location, taking the full containers out of the brackets and replacing them with sanitized containers. The full containers are then transported and processed by Curtis Bay at our permitted treatment facility.

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