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5 Gallon DEA Bucket

5 Gallon DEA Bucket

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Brand: TakeAway Medication Recovery System
Size: 5 Gallon
Container Dimensions: 16.25"H x 13.25"DIA
System Dimensions: 13.75"L x 13.75"W x 17.75"H
Max Return Weight: 14 lbs.
Waste Type: DEA Reverse Distribution for Registrants
Authorization Number: Exempt

The TakeAway Medication Recovery System for DEA Reverse Distribution for Registrants is a cost-effective, DEA-compliant collection, return and destruction solution for DEA registrants' expired or unused controlled substances. It offers DEA registrants an affordable and easy-to-use solution to properly dispose of inventory unused controlled substances (Schedules II-V). There is one price for collection, shipping, proper destruction and documentation and no hidden fees or contracts. You must list all of your unused/expired inventory on the DEA Controlled Substances for Destruction Form before the system will be shipped to you. Therefore, do not order the product unless you currently have inventory to dispose of.

Systems include:

  • Prepaid return transportation
  • Materials to package for return
  • Complete documentation of returned pharmaceuticals
  • Proper disposal with online proof of destruction

Please read the following:

This system is for DEA registrants only.

All orders must be placed with DEA registrant’s registration number and will not be accepted without it.

Please include your registration number in the notes section upon checkout.

Orders will not be released until your DEA registration number & DEA Controlled Substances for Destruction Form are approved.

You must complete the DEA Controlled Substances for Destruction Form and then email it back to

Once approved, the order is released for use.

If Schedule II drugs are included, the treatment facility will complete DEA Form 222 that will be sent to the registrant. Affix the label to the package, and return it to the treatment facility for inventory verification, documentation and final destruction. Maintain copies of records documenting the transfer and disposal of controlled substances for two years per DEA recommendations.

Product should only be used to clean out preexisting inventory.

Price does not include outbound freight or sales tax.