Environmentally Friendly Medical Waste Disposal

Sustainability is a responsibility of every company in America. We strive to make decisions focused around protecting our employees, neighbors, customers and the environment. That requires us to think about how to create enhanced environmentally sustainable solutions, which is the direct result in how we manage and conduct our business. We also want to learn how we can assist our customers, along with all of our stakeholders, in achieving their sustainability goals and objectives.

At Curtis Bay Medical Waste, we continue to explore new ways of becoming more environmentally friendly in the services we provide, the products we use and the technology we operate. We are currently investing millions of dollars in our medical waste disposal facility in order to comply with more stringent Federal air emission regulations, while at the same time reducing our energy consumption and carbon footprint. As a service to assist our customers in their sustainability objectives, we can provide you with the necessary training and education to insure you comply with environmental regulations. We know it is important to you, to us, and to the environment

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