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Partnership with Stakeholders

Medical Waste Customers & Partners

At Curtis Bay, our customers come first.  We are committed to developing long-lasting customer partnerships by working together to identify our customers’ needs, while consistently executing the required services that support our customers’ success.


Our employees differentiate Curtis Bay from our worthy competitors.  At all levels, Curtis Bay employees deliver at the frontier of performance. They understand our mission and vision and are engaged to support our critical success factors while following our core values.  They are partners sharing in Curtis Bay's success and are motivated to push for greater achievements. Curtis Bay provides an environment for learning, self-leadership, and for ongoing career advancement opportunities.


Curtis Bay supports the communities we serve.  We remain eager to be partners in community economic revitalization.  We have funded community education programs and sponsor efforts to improve our neighborhoods.


Curtis Bay is committed to working with our Federal, State, and local regulators to further enhance our processes and environmental sustainability programs.  Curtis Bay is committed to running as a transparent operation. 


By working together as partners, we can utilize knowledge to improve safety, compliance, and sustainable operating procedures implemented by our Customers, Employees, and Community.

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