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On-Site Compliance Survey

At Curtis Bay safety and compliance is our top priority. We are continuously working to find ways to improve the safety and compliance of our facilities, our employees and our customers.   

Schedule an On-Site Compliance Survey with one of our Compliance Consultants to assess your facilities workplace safety and compliance programs. Our Compliance Consultants work with employers to identify workplace hazards, provide advice for compliance with OSHA standards, and assist in establishing and improving safety and health programs. Our On-site Compliance Surveys are separate from enforcement and do not result in penalties or citations. 

What You Need To Know

Why schedule a survey?

We offer a low-cost safety and compliance consultation. It is completely separate from the OSHA inspection effort. Primarily targeted for smaller businesses, employers can find out about potential hazards at their workplace, learn how to improve programs that are already in place, and even get setup with our online OSHA Compliance Portal.

The consultation is confidential and will not be reported to any OSHA inspection staff. No citations or penalties will be issued and your only obligation is to correct serious job safety and health hazards.

What to expect?

The on-site visit will take roughly 1 to 1½ hours based on your facility. Because this survey is a voluntary activity, you must request it. Our Compliance Consultant will discuss your specific needs with you and set up a visit date based on your work schedule and the time needed for the consultant to adequately prepare to serve you.

The Compliance Consultant will start with an overview with you before beginning the walk through. They will study your entire workplace, pointing out safety or health risks (some which may not have an applicable OSHA standard). After the walk-through, the Compliance Consultant will review the findings with you before leaving and answer any questions you may have.

After an On-Site Visit

All information the Compliance Consultant gathers during their on-site visit will be shared and made available to you in order to make necessary corrections. They will:

•Help you recognize hazards and non-compliance in your facility

•Provide you their report explaining the findings

•Suggest general options for solving any safety or compliance problems

•Assist you on developing next steps to develop or maintain effective programs to ensure your facility is in total compliance

I want to learn more...

Contact an Account Representative to learn more and schedule your visit: 

(855) 228-1715   or    [email protected]

Big Benefits

Our On-Site Compliance Survey will allow you to recognize and remove hazards from your workplace, protect your workers from injury and illness, as well as, cultivate informed and alert employees who take responsibility for their own and their coworkers' safety.

An increased understanding of workplace hazards and remedies will put your managers and your facility in a better position to comply with federal and state safety and health requirements.

Having exemplary workplace safety and compliance programs is "good business sense" that also makes financial sense because it will allow you to minimize the cost of accidents, which can improve the bottom line.

Online OSHA Compliance Portal

Becoming compliant doesn't stop with an on-site survey, Curtis Bay helps manage your compliance needs with our one-stop online compliance solution. Our comprehensive, online training that allows you to train your employees on your schedule. Individual or group training, our Compliance program makes it easy. The administration tools allows you to have complete control over your training program. 

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