RXGON®Pad Poly-backed

RXGON®Pad Poly-backed

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RXGON® Pad Poly-backed is a patent pending, low cost, absorbent pad, sandwiched by RP718 adsorbent* activated carbon layers with an impermeable poly backing. To be used to waste and sequester NIOSH hazardous drugs including chemotherapy and liquid opioids.

The RXGON®Pad Poly-backed will help contain and bind small hazardous drug spills simplifying spill management. Designed to reduce hazardous drug exposure risks associated with contamination of surfaces and minimize employee exposure risks during non-sterile compounding, handling, transporting or infusion.

RXGON® Pad is used to waste and sequester controlled substances whether they enter the pad from the top or the bottom of the pad with the intent of reducing and preventing diversion and unintended exposure to patients and visitors.

Mfr #: RGNp1212P
Size: Large
Dimensions: 12”x 12”
Packaged: 100 pads per bag, 6 bags per case (600 total pads per case)
Capacity: 150 ml
Use: Surface protection during non-sterile drug compounding, infusion, and wasting. Provides surface protection for small spills.

Disposal: disposed of along with your chemotherapy, hazardous or non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste containers.

A policy of immediate wasting of excess controlled substances in the treatment room, used in conjunction with the RxGON® Pad, will reduce the illegal diversion of liquid controlled substances.

*Adsorbent:The binding of a chemical (e.g., drug or poison) to a solid material such as RP718 activated charcoal .