Washington DC Waste Disposal Services

Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services is the Washington DC region’s go to for expert knowledge on all things waste disposal. Our trained and experienced staff is well versed in all of the medical and hazardous waste guidelines set out by the Environmental Protection Agency.

With the ability to customize a Washington DC waste disposal program that suits your needs — be they medical, pharmaceutical, pathological, or anywhere in between — Curtis Bay clients can rest assured knowing it’s all taken care of.

Waste disposal services offered by Curtis Bay include:

  • Characterization of waste
  • Identification of hazardous materials (hazardous waste determinations/profiles)
  • Waste collection & segregation of RCRA Hazardous materials into approved RCRA Hazardous Containers (by using profiles)
  • Waste collection & segregation of non-hazardous materials into shipping containers (by using profiles)
  • Preparation of shipping materials to be placed in appropriate D.O.T. shipping containers (by using profiles)
  • Transportation & incineration of RCRA Hazardous (as well as non-hazardous) materials (to permitted facilities/incinerators)
  • Unwavering compliance with DOT regulations for transportation (hazardous permitted transporter)
  • Unwavering compliance with EPA regulations for disposal (hazardous permitted TSD facility)

Curtis Bay works one-on-one with each of its Washington DC medical waste disposal clients, from collection to incineration, and ensures proper documentation is provided throughout the entire process; our familiarity with government guidelines ensures that the chain of custody is preserved throughout the operation.

Interested in learning more about Washington DC waste disposal services? Contact us today!