How To Properly Package a Medical Waste Box

As a biohazardous or medical waste “generator” (the location producing the waste) you are responsible for the proper segregation, packaging, and sealing for transportation of your waste. Properly packaging your regulated medical waste (RMW) is extremely important for your safety, the safety of others at your facility, and our environment. You can face high dollar fines for regulated medical waste that is not properly packaged. Below are the steps for proper medical waste box packaging to help your organization remain compliant and safe.

Step 1: Setup the Box

Turn over the corrugated box and seal the bottom flaps with two-inch wide, clear, packing tape. Printed text and arrows should distinguish the receptacle’s top and bottom.

Step 2: Line the Box with Red Bag

A red biohazard bag must line the inside of the corrugated box, overlapping its four outer sides. Be certain to comply with any state-specific requirements for bag thickness and weight limitations.

Note- Sharps must be placed in a puncture resistant container designed for sharps waste. Sharps includes needles, syringes, broken glass, scalpels, culture slides, culture dishes, broken capillary tubes, broken rigid plastic and exposed ends of dental wires. All sharps containers should be properly closed before being placed into the red bag.  Loose sharps are not permitted outside of sharps containers.

Step 3: Tie the Red Bag

Once the red bag is full, with a little room at the top remaining, staff must close the red bag. While wearing PPE gloves, gather the bag opening and twist the top of the bag to seal the contents. Then make a hand-tied single or gooseneck knot to prevent any leakage. You can also use tape to secure the knot.

Step 4: Seal the Container

Fold the flaps and seal the top of the box with two-inch wide, clear packing tape. Be aware that the red bag should not be visible once the box is closed and sealed. Improperly packaged waste or damaged/leaking boxes will be denied pickup or returned to the generator.

Step 5. Check the Markings

Add Generator label to side of box, write the date on location provided, and checkoff type of waste. The box is required to have appropriate labeling that meets federal, state, and local requirements.

Staff members that work in areas where RMW is generated, prepare waste for pickup, and/or sign the manifest for disposal are required to complete trainings on how to properly handle and dispose of RMW. Training should occur during orientation and as part of annual refresher events to remain in compliance. Curtis Bay can help you manage your compliance needs with our one-stop online compliance solution. Our comprehensive, online training program allows you to train your employees on your schedule. Individual or group training, our Compliance program makes it easy. Learn more here.

If you have any questions about packaging your medical waste, please consult your medical waste driver during pickup or give us a call at (855) 228-1715. We are here to help!