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Hazardous Waste Disposal in New York

In 2015, the EPA released a new mapping tool called the Environmental Justice Screen, which shows a breakdown of the kinds of waste in a given city or neighborhood. The EJScreen showed surprising results—New York is saddled with improperly disposed of hazardous waste.

Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services is the premier waste disposal company in New York. Our experienced staff is well versed the Environmental Protection Agency’s medical and hazardous waste disposal guidelines. We customize a New York waste disposal program that suits your needs, ranging from medical to pharmaceutical to pathological and everywhere in between. You can rest assured your hazardous waste will be properly disposed of.

Waste disposal services offered by Curtis Bay include:

  • Characterization of waste
  • Hazardous waste profiles
  • Waste collection and segregation of RCRA Hazardous materials into RCRA approved containers
  • Waste collection and segregation of non-hazardous materials into shipping containers
  • Preparation of shipping materials in appropriate DOT shipping containers
  • Transportation and incineration of waste to appropriate and permitted facilities and incinerators
  • DOT regulation compliance
  • EPA regulation compliance

Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services works with each of its New York waste disposal clients, from collection to incineration, with proper documentation throughout the entire process. Our expertise will help eliminate the hazardous waste problems in New York, one client at a time.