Curtis Bay's Top 2 Strategies to a Cleaner Environment!

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day

At Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services Earth Day is year-round! There can be no compromises when it comes to protecting our customers and the environment from hazardous waste. For more than two decades, Curtis Bay has been the responsible and reliable choice for companies who do not want to worry about regulated waste disposal. We don’t cut corners, especially when dealing with harmful products. 

Every day the Curtis Bay team works to find new and better ways to increase the diversion of waste into the environment. Our Top 2 Ways to accomplish this are a Landfill Diversion and Diversion of Drugs in the Water Supply.

Landfill Diversion

This is the process of diverting waste from going into landfills. As an alternative Curtis Bay focuses on disposing of waste by means of incineration in an attempt to potentially reach Zero Landfill waste disposal. There are a number of advantages to using incineration as a waste management method. Two of the primary advantages of incineration are that waste volumes are reduced by an estimated of 80-95%, and the need for land and landfill space is greatly reduced.

Our experts partner with companies to devise customized waste programs that include appropriate waste segregation, reusable containers, and fully integrated medical waste management services to create a one-stop-shop solution – which can result in considerable cost savings!

Diversion of Drugs in the Water Supply

For years people have been disposing of pharmaceutical drugs in common trash or flushing their drugs down the toilet. Unfortunately, this method of disposal is very harmful for the environment. Consumers have been warned not to flush their drugs down the toilet because sewer waste can contaminate groundwater. There have been recent discoveries that show a variety of pharmaceuticals in surface, ground, and drinking waters around the United States which has led to increased concerns about the potentially adverse environmental consequences of these contaminants. In order to reduce these adverse environmental effects, the EPA currently recommends incineration of pharmaceuticals as the best management practice.

Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services is committed to responsibly managing the wastes healthcare facilities generate and using best practices to effectively treat such wastes. To that end, Curtis Bay owns and operates one of the largest medical and pharmaceutical waste incinerators in the United States and continues to make investments to improve our incinerator technology. During the last three years, significant improvements have been made in the pollution control levels at our medical and pharmaceutical incineration facility to meet new lower regulatory limits. State-of-the-art air scrubbers and other facility upgrades have been installed and new routines for facility management, maintenance, and testing controls have been put into place to ensure continued compliance and to consistently operate below the more stringent standards. All of these efforts are to protect our customers and the environment from hazardous waste.

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