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DOs and DON’Ts of Proper Needle Disposal At Work, School & Home

When you think of, and when we talk about proper needle disposal practices, the
general discussion turns to medical offices, healthcare facilities, and hospitals. But
we should be thinking and talking much beyond that — to anywhere needles are
used for any reason. Home, and work, and school too. Curtis Bay is the needle disposal company you need. 

Where school nurses might be tasked with administering diabetes medications, or
when injections have become a part of your daily routine, it’s important to know
how to properly handle and dispose of all needles, to prevent injury.

Prevent needlestick injuries. Ensure proper needle disposal.

DO immediately place used needles and other sharps in an FDA-approved sharps
disposal container. (If, by some circumstance, an FDA-approved sharps container is
not available, some guidelines recommend using a heavy-duty plastic household
container with a lid or a cap as an alternative.

DON’T dispose of needles or other sharps in the trash.

DO carry a portable sharps disposal container for when you travel.

DON’T flush needles down the toilet.

DO keep all needles and other sharps and sharps disposal containers out of reach of
children and pets.

DON’T ever, ever, ever try to bend, break, or recap any needles used by another
person. This could lead to an accidental, but potentially very serious needle stick

DO reach out to your local trash or public health department to discuss where
to obtain an FDA-approved sharps disposal container, and how to ensure
proper needle disposal.

DON’T dispose of needles in your recycling bin. Needles should never be recycled.

DO always remember to follow these guidelines, and remember, if you have any
questions about the right and wrong ways to dispose of used or otherwise contaminated needles:

Contact Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services.

As the medical and pharmaceutical industries’ go-to for proper needle disposal, Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services is always standing by to answer your questions.
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